Decoration methods

Glass grinding is a traditional method that allows to achieve even artistic effects or to make a vessel that harmonizes with current trends. The cut is permanent and, regardless of use, will survive unchanged for many years. Making such decoration by hand takes quite a long time, giving an original effect. Hand cutting involves incising the surface of the glass with stone or diamond-studded discs. In this way it is possible to obtain an engraving with different depths of incision. This requires not only craftsmanship, but also great artistic sense.
Sandblasting glass is historically one of the oldest methods used for decoration. It helps achieve an interesting matte effect on the entire surface or just a part of it. As the name suggests, a jet of sharp sand is released under pressure onto the glass. It rubs off the layers according to a previously prepared template. It can be just one layer or a drawing that is distinguished by several depths of abrasion, allowing unique reliefs and shading to be achieved
Engraving – is one of the most ancient techniques for decorating artistic products. This sculptural technique of decorating glass, is performed with the help of spinning copper discs, involving the creation of precise patterns – concave or convex
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